Utopia, Stem 5329
Holsteiner Mare
by Corrado I
out of Hollunder II
Reg #840003144101604
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      Cor de la Bryere   TB • 060205546
      210398168   Quenotte
  Corrado I       040266460
          Hol. • DE210046185       Capitol I
  Soleil   Hol. • DE321210615475
  Hol. • 210123680   Kuerette
      Hol. • 210209573
  Langraf I   TB • DE321210384761
      Hol. • DE321210391966   Warthburg
  Hollunder II       Hol. • DE321210320903
  Hol. • DE321210317393       Sandro
      Chipsy   Hol. • DE321210106783
      Hol. • DE321210069588   Nalora
          Hol. • DE321210038076

Foaled: May 31, 2004

Utopia gave birth to "Carvalito" a beautiful colt by Carvallo on April 16th, 2008.

She is in foal again and due to foal another baby by Carvallo at the end of April 2009.

Roulette, Stem 5054
Holsteiner Mare
by Contender
out of Martinique
Reg #DE421000251701
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          Cor de la Bryere
      Calypso II   210398168
      Hol. • DE321210610574   Tabelle
  Contender       Hol. • 210292103
          Hol. • DE321210023884       Ramiro Z
  Gofine   Hol. • 210389565
  Hol. • DE321210523770   Cita
      Hol. • 210387303
      Caletto II
  Caretino   Hol. • DE321210093778
      Hol. • 210242583   Isidor
  Martinique       Hol. • 210038272
  Hol. • DE321210028697       Langraf I
      Alaska II   Hol. • DE321210391966
      Hol. • DE321210148286   Ibiza
          Hol. • DE321210039872

Foaled: April 27, 2001

Roulette was competing in Germany under Johannes Ehning. Please refer to our Links section and select "Winley Farm Horses in Europe" to see more of her.

She will start a new life in 2009 as a broodmare. We are very hopeful to get some beautiful and talented babies from her.


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